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Language Connect PPLI Grant

A grant of €500 is available for post primary school libraries twice a year to provide non-native English speaking students access to materials to either improve their English or have access to their home language.

Children’s Book Ireland

This is an invaluable resource to anyone starting their own school library. They can provide recommended reading for a specific age group, help source materials and there is also the Robert Dunbar Memorial grant that provides a complete school library to deserving schools each year. 

Poetry Ireland

Poetry Ireland runs competitions as well as programmes such as Writers in Schools. A professional writer will work with a small group of students to produce poetry or a spoken word performance. 

Overdrive eBooks

For €650 a year a school can join overdrive that lends eBooks to students to read on their own devices through the Sora App. 

JCSP Libraries

The only well-funded school library programme in Ireland has a dedicated website that showcases what they do. There are many resources listed that can be used by other libraries as well as ideas for programmes that can be run within a school’s own budget. 

Jigsaw Read Your Mind

Jigsaw has a compiled a reading list to help young people through bibliotherapy. The main site is also a great resource for young people themselves. 

Libraries Ireland – Primary Schools

Irish Public Libraries provide a comprehensive list of services to Irish schools. This link brings you to the services offered to primary schools throughout the country.

Libraries Ireland – Post-Primary Schools

Likewise, Ireland’s public libraries provide many services to secondary schools. These include block loans, visits and resources – and much more. The link here gives more detail.

The best place for Irish Librarians, newly qualified LIS professionals, and LIS students to search for Irish Library jobs. While we try to share all school librarian job listings with our members via our mailing list, this is a great place to start looking.

A resource to help users assess the media for accurate information. Created by Media Literacy Ireland.

School Library Association (UK)

The SLA is committed to supporting everyone involved in school libraries, regardless of your role, experience or location.

Becoming a member will give you access to an array of resources that will assist with the setting up and running of a school library, as well as the continuing development of all school library staff. These include insightful training, practical publications, an advice line, mentoring programme, quarterly journal, booklists, regional branch support, useful discounts and more.

Membership costs just £95 a year for an entire school. You can find out more here:

Shout for libraries. Shout for the young readers who use them.

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