Our Mission and Purpose

Our Mission

We believe that every school in Ireland should be provided with resources for a school library run by a qualified librarian, where each school child will have guided access to a wide and diverse range of material for pleasure reading, research, learning and literacy

Our Focus

School libraries across Ireland.
Funding for school libraries, support for school libraries, school libraries for all schools,
lobbying, representation
School librarians and those who work in the school library sector
Advice, support, CPD, networking opportunities

What we can do for individuals

Provide up-to-date information and resources;
Facilitate networking opportunities for members working in the school library sector via our mailing list, meetings and conferences;
Provide support and advice to school library staff, volunteers, teachers and anyone else;
Engage in library related activities and/or is involved in managing a school library;
Organise conferences and events which support those who work in school libraries in Ireland.
Provide relevant training events and encourage members to avail of CPD organised by the School Libraries Group and certified by the LAI.

Our purpose in representing school librarians as a profession

To raise awareness of the value of school libraries within the library and educational sector and support school library activities.
To lobby the government on behalf of Irish school libraries and to advocate for the need for school libraries with qualified librarians in every primary and post-primary school in Ireland.
To promote best practice in school libraries.
To provide a public voice for school libraries and school library staff.
To promote literacy and reading for pleasure activities such as the Great Reads Awards.
To collaborate with other LAI groups and to and to encourage other LAI members to join or be involved with the School Libraries Group.

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