School Closure Resources

School Closure Resources

School Library Association (UK)

This page will collate the SLA resources that are of particular use when working from home. These are in addition to our usual provision of Online Courses, Publications, the CPD Library and the support resources and advice line.

CILIP – Covid-19

Covid-19 Guidance for schools.

This Guidance has been developed by a Working Party convened jointly by CILIP, the CILIP School Libraries Group (CILIP SLG) and the School Library Association (SLA). It will be updated periodically when new information becomes available. If this information is printed, please ensure that it is dated and refer back to this page for the latest version.

IFLA – Covid-19 and the Global Library Field

Key Resources for Libraries in responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic:

The information and resources below are provided on a non-exhaustive basis but will be updated regularly. It is based on publicly available information, and that submitted to – Guidance for Schools

Promoting the wellbeing of our school communities is a fundamental element of the department’s overall plan to ensure a successful return to school as we continue to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are living through exceptional times and this impacts on the wellbeing of everyone in different ways, at different times. People have been naturally worried about the risk to their physical health and that of their loved ones and have been challenged to varying degrees by the public health measures that were put in place in Ireland to control the spread of the virus, such as staying at home and school closures.

LGMA – Recommendations for Handling Materials in Libraries

The Libraries Development Local Government Management Agency prepared this document for libraries coping with handling materials during the period of Covid-19. It was published in April 2020.

This document recommends using physical distancing, hand washing, and the quarantining of physical library materials for 72 hours.

There are links to the and websites as well as international library organisations (IFLA and ALA).

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