School in Africa Seeks Partnership in Ireland

A small school with a budding school library in Beni, North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is seeking a partnership with a primary school in Ireland. The school hopes through this partnership to engage with an Irish school in reading and library related activities. Once the partnership is established it would allow the DRC school to source development funding from the Irish Government’s Development Aid Programme for its library and related educational programmes.

The ABC Primary School (Académie Bilingue du Congo) in Beni is located in one of the least developed countries in the world, and in a region experiencing ongoing violence. The current educational system dates back to the colonial era, and emphasizes rote memorization while simultaneously disciplining creative thinking and question-asking. The Académie seeks to provide excellent bilingual (French and English) education that emphasizes character growth and creative thinking, and classrooms that allow children to explore and learn in ways that engage their senses and help them do their best learning.  Its library project addresses a crucial need for its  students, as well as their parents, families and communities, by opening up a world of new information, and giving them the opportunity to develop a love of reading and learning. You can read more about the school and its context at:

If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with this school please contact its Director,  Katherine Shaw, Académie Bilingue du Congo | Directrice Générale, Beni, Nord Kivu, RDC:

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