Welcome to new Chair, Kathleen Moran!

It’s certainly been a year of change for the School Libraries Group.

Our SLARI Chair, Hazel Scanlon retired from the helm at the time we changed over from SLARI to the School Libraries Group. Doreen Lundon became the first Chair of the SLG when we became official, having previously held the position of SLARI Secretary. We soon discovered we were to lose Doreen to university librarianship (though we wish her the very best of luck in UCC!). Because of current times, we have not yet had a chance to formally thank Hazel or Doreen for their time serving the SLARI and SLG committees, so on behalf of those of us you served and represented, thank you for all the time and energy you put into this group.

Doreen (left) and Hazel (centre) at our last in-person conference, 2019

At our last committee meeting, Kathleen Moran, Senior Librarian of the JCSP Libraries Project was elected to the position. Kathleen has a great deal of experience in the field of libraries, leadership and advocating for libraries for all schools. We feel extremely lucky to welcome her to this position.

Kathleen Moran. Photograph: Damien Eagers

Kathleen was recently interviewed by Irish Times journalist Peter McGuire. You can read the piece here:


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